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Kate Coaches Leaders

I help good government leaders build effective teams that lean into the future of public service.

Working with Me

A good government leader is anyone who must influence others to bring about changes to make government more effective, responsive, inclusive, and accountable.

In my coaching engagements, good government leaders generate strategies to be effective in complex organizations or coalitions with many stakeholders.

We create distinctions among leading teams toward a vision, managing an issue or project to resolution, and administering implementation of desired outcomes.

Understanding these distinctions helps leaders take advantage of the opportunities they hoped for and feel less burdened by leadership.

We will deconstruct leadership, determine what effective leadership is for you in your situation, and ensure you have a plan for the future so that others will follow you there.


Prior to becoming a coach, in my 10+ years in public service, I worked in a federal executive agency, a District of Columbia agency, a federal district court, and in multiple non-profit advocacy organizations.  I know that good government leaders are everywhere.

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Leadership Coaching Plan

Three Branches Leadership: 

New Challenge Plan

  Innovation Plan

What happens in a coaching or consulting engagement?

  • We agree upfront on a desired outcome

  • We gather and review relevant information through assessments, feedback interviews, benchmarking, or literature on best practices

  • We have a series of structured conversations to advance your decision-making and support implementation of your desired changes

Kate does an amazing job of creating an open, safe space so that I was able to describe and discuss my issues.  As she listened, she has the gift to ask a question that helps break open the true dilemma or challenge.

I think that Kate asks such insightful questions which creates an opportunity to arrive at real solutions.  She is also focused and helps create a plan to move forward to address a specific issue.

- Outreach manager, national nonprofit organization

Kate was an excellent listener and made thoughtful connections that were very helpful.  These sessions helped me practice taking vague, big-picture ideas and breaking them down into concrete action items.

It's very helpful to have a professional guide to help you create the space necessary to explore/ improve/ hone whatever you are trying to explore/ improve/ hone.

- Supervisory federal government attorney

With Kate's coaching, I achieve more "aha" moments about myself than I have in 13+ years as a professional.  One of my biggest hurdles is getting "stuck," and she always knew how to ask the right questions or guide me toward the next step to help me get "unstuck."  She gave direction to even my most directionless sessions, and always left me feeling that I'd accomplished something - and was ready to accomplish even more.

- Senior Vice President,  global public relations firm

Let's Lead


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I look forward to working with you!

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