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Innovation Plan


Phase 1

Assess what the team values about the current process and what to change


Phase 2

Select new technology that best supports the team going forward and introduce it to the team


Phase 3

Deploy new technology in a dynamic process that gives team members a voice

Leaders in good government consider how technology can enhance their mission effectiveness.  Yet, implementing new technology is a leadership challenge because it often presents trade-offs with something people value about they way they currently work.

The Innovation Plan equips leaders to take on mission-critical technology changes in partnership and collaboration with their team members.

The Innovation Plan takes leaders through technology implementation in three phases, in which I will support you with the following services:

  1. Assess what the team values about the current process and what to change

    • Hold leadership coaching sessions with you to bring focus to your goals and increase your awareness around your values and assumptions about change

    • Conduct structured interviews with team members to understand their values and assumptions

  2. Select new technology that best supports the team going forward and introduce it to the team

    • Research available technologies that fit the team's culture and values​

    • Facilitate a collaborative decision-making process or development of a procurement request for proposals

    • Develop a high-level plan to introduce new technology to the team while minimizing disruption

  3. Deploy the new technology in a dynamic process that gives team members a voice

    • Leverage ​surveys to assess the team member's attitudes about and utilization of the new technology

    • Offer recommendations for troubleshooting

As you approach a high-stakes change in how you use technology to support your mission, I can help you surface how your team really feels about the change and develop options tailored to their needs.


What is the Innovation Plan?


The Innovation Plan is a blended leadership coaching and organizational development consulting offering.  It is designed to coach leaders through common challenges involved in technology changes.

The Innovation Plan is not a substitute for employing or consulting with qualified information technology professionals.  The services in this plan do not include day-to-day project management of implementation.

The Innovation Plan is available to individual leaders and to small leadership teams, and it is best suited for teams with fewer than fifty team members

What is the general approach and timeline for the Innovation Plan?

Technology changes are a team effort, and each technology deployment is unique.  I will work with leaders to customize an approach that appropriately involves all decision-makers, stakeholders, and affected team members.

Each phase of the Innovation Plan is designed to take approximately one month.  Our consulting engagement can be continuous for a minimum of three months, or it is possible to pause between phases.

What would my investment be in this service?


This program is customizable, and I highly encourage you to get in touch with me before you sign up so that I can better understand your unique goals and circumstances even before our first session together.

In general, you should expect to devote a minimum of three hours of your time to consulting sessions and leadership coaching sessions in each Innovation Plan phase.  You should also account for the time needed for management and administrative activities that are associated with procuring new technology in your organization.  Additionally, I will require direct access to your team members and up to an hour of participating team member's time at each phase.

The Innovation Plan pricing is customized for each engagement.  Please contact me for a price quote.

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