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Plans and Services

Kate offers leadership coaching and

organizational development consulting services.

Leadership Coaching

A leader is anyone who must influence others in order to achieve his or her professional ambitions.

A leadership coach honors you as the expert in your own life and work.  In our coaching engagement, you will:

  • Clarify and focus on what you want to achieve

  • Discover your authentic leadership style

  • Develop solutions and strategies

I support my clients to lead with their personal strengths, to integrate well-being and ambition, and to achieve important organizational goals with their team.​

I offer coaching packages tailored to different leadership challenges.  Select a package or get in touch to talk about an arrangement that will best support you.

Coaching Service

Organizational Development Consulting

As a consultant, I work with leaders to examine and improve workplace structures and processes that drive the success of their whole organization.

In a consulting engagement, we will:​​

  • Gather data on challenges your team faces through assessments, interviews, benchmarking, and literature on best practices

  • Engage in a decision-making process that involves key stakeholders and addresses conflicts constructively

  • Develop plans to implement changes and mechanisms to evaluate success

  • Build capacity to achieve ambitious team goals

I offer a plan tailored to teams working with new technologies.  I am also available to consult with teams building capacity through other work changes. 

Consulting Service
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